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The Most Safari Frequently Asked Questions - The Door Tours & Travel

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Most Safari Frequenlty Asked Questions
What people need to know before book safari and during safari.

Where is Tanzania?
Tanzania is the Country found in East Africa, where there are great Lakes like Lake Victoria the biggest lake in Africa, Tanganyika the most deeperst lake in the World.

What is the shopping time?
Starting 7:00AM to 05:00PM all days, Most hotels/lodges have gift shops with a selection of local crafts and souvenirs. Many beautiful items are available in Tanzania, like gems (e.g. Tanzanite), wooden carvings, soap stone carvings, Tinga Tinga paintings, pottery and colorful fabrics (e.g. kangas, kitenges). Prices are often not marked and bartering is expected. Some businesses are also open on Saturday mornings and some others can be open on Sunday.

Can I access Bank in Tanzania?
Yes, you can access banking services to especial in Town, and usually from 08:00AM to 4:30PM Monday to Friday, and few bank branches operate on Sartuday and Sunday from 8:00AM to 1:00PM.

Road Condition and
Most of town town and road that connect regions, districts, and nearby country distances in Tanzania are vast are passable throughout the year and are are tarmac.

What Speed Limit?
Speed limits are 80km/h on all main asphalted roads, 50km/h in towns or villages and 30km/h in the proximity of schools. Within National Parks or Conservation Areas a speed of 30-40km/h is advised.

What about Electricity?
Tanzania use difference source of electricity like Hydroelectri/ hydrological, gas, 230V/50 Hz, but there are often power failures or surges. It is helpful to bring a universal adapter and flashlight or headlight. For US appliances you will need a voltage converter and plug adapter. Most lodges on safari use generators. These generators are often turned off during night to reduce noise and fuel consumption. Please be aware that you will not find a plug socket in your room/tent at many of these lodges.

Can I get a day trip Tours?
Sausage Tree Tours and safari provides you a trip to different places that you can travell within a single day and this trip can be done before the main schedule of the visitor or after the end of the visitor main schedule. At that time a visitor will decide which place to visit depending on what he/she want to pay a tour.

The door Tours & Travels offers you, the discerning traveling, and the most carefree way to experience the best that the Islands of Zanzibar and Tanzania tourist attractions have to offer.
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